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📙 The Medico-Legal Back An Illustrated Guide by Robert A. Dickson, W. Paul Butt — free epub

Back pain and back injury is an extremely common problem, producing chronic, debilitating symptoms for sufferers, and resulting in millions of pounds of lost revenue in absence from work and paid in compensation for spinal injuries. The Medico-Legal Back is the first book to address all aspects of the problem for a legal readership, in a clear, concise and reader-friendly style. It does away with the need to search for and then extract complex information from many different sources, and as such will be an indispensable guide to the problem for all lawyers, judges and medico-legal experts, as well as being of value to the orthopaedic surgeon with an interest in the spine. Of particular value is the use throughout the book of analogies drawn on anatomical technicalities and common movements, situations and incidents of everyday life. Fully illustrated throughout, with real scans using imaging modalities, and line diagrams generated especially for this title, The Medico-Legal Back should be on the shelves of all medico-legal personnel at all levels of expertise and experience.

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